Tap is a futuristic BlueTooth-enabled wearable keyboard and mouse that allows you to “write” on any surface and have it input onto a device. I recently helped them redesign their packaging and create materials for the annual ATIA tradeshow, the leading conference for technology innovation for assisting people with disabilities.

Tap approached me with a request to update their packaging to be more minimalist and sleek (the original packaging is pictured below). The brief was to keep the dot theme but also have an overwhelming amount of white space.

Below is the old packaging

I provided a few different iterations and the team loved the matte box design below. Their main brand color is a muted purple, which I traded up for their more millennial-esque secondary seafoam brand color. The dot sequence featured is their actual TAP alphabet, from A-Z. I tried to keep the overall appearance of the packaging light and airy while including all the mandatories.