I Made My Own Font!

I Made My Own Font! YAY! I've always wanted to do this (checking it off my bucket list). I created a font of my own handwriting (and many more to


Q Up

Q Up I flushed this out for our weekly design challenge on my 32 minute commute ride home. I'll take that as a win. I came up with an app


Scoot Over

Scoot Over This is actually DIY scooter #2 for me. Here's my progress thus far. I decided to choose the color palette based off of this old timey Vespa.  



Sometimes... You make something that you insist be tattooed onto yourself.


Postfanity Cards

Postfanity Cards One of these days, I’ll make a lot of these.


Early Morning Doodle

Early Morning Doodle I went into work today and with the pencil tool accidentally drew a perfect swirly “J” (it was actually supposed to be an S). I then responded


TBT Shhhtippling

TBT Shhhtippling When I was at Grey, we had a team that brewed beer and I designed the labels. Here are a few shtippled shketches of beer ideas. Electric chair:


TBT Pinups

TBT Pinups Back in college (yikes that’s four years ago) I did a photo project where I took pictures of my classmates and photoshopped them to look vintage.    


Hello world!

Hello world! When I was in Thailand, I tried to write a mediocrely entertaining blog about my experiences and the stories foreign travel will amass unto you. Fortunately, I stopped.