A Little Trip

A Little Trip We took a trip to Muir Woods and Baker Beach right before Christmas. Cue some gorgeous photos.      


Look at This Dog

Look at This Dog     That is all.  


Mindless Crafting

Mindless Crafting I think I’ll end up writing about my coming-to-cheezus moment later on, but I have to say first that I’ve never appreciated mindless crafting more than now. I


You <3

You <3 I made a thing. Alternatively, here’s a Christmas card 🙂


Modern Art

Modern Art I have my opinions about modern art, most modern art to be exact. We went to the SFMOMA on Saturday and I got a thorough amount of outrage out



Desiderata Over the last few months I’ve had a pretty transformative “coming-to-Jesus” series of existential crises that has changed my fundamental belief system and things. So, it’s been pretty cool.


Congressional App Challenge

Congressional App Challenge Congrats/shout out to one of my best friends since high school, Rhianon, in pulling off an incredible feat, getting members of Congress to be excited about something


My Friend Murugu

My Friend Murugu My buddy Murugu decided to take off on a whirlwind adventure for a year to travel around the world. Now, what you should know about Murugu is that


Slam Poem #1

Slam Poem #1 Sometimes I enjoy writing slam poetry. Even more times I enjoy writing raps. After a coworker of mine suggested that our Creative Friday theme be Tim Allen,



La-la-la-laketime I did some logo designs for a now defunct company (don't worry, 'twas a friend). Never got off the ground... probably cuz it.. ...stayed in the water. ... But