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Hey, I’m Jess! Thanks for looking at my art book.

I like making stuff and dressing up as food.

I also play pinball a lot and swear a fuckton.


I took life seriously once…
it sucked.


Acrylic on Surfboard

Always go for the mid-way costume change.

Work in progress — ETA 7/20/2018

Bonus pic of doggo and brobro

This is probably as finished as I’ll get because my bro is heading off to college soon and taking his new Christ-approved board with him. Good luck little pidge <3


I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life, but hands down the BEST has been an arts & crafts teacher to these little kiddos. Here is a very accurate portrait done of myself by this crazy old soul, Bea (age 9). She nailed the NorthFace vest. My heart may have exploded. 🙂

I think I want to be an art teacher 🙂


My natural habitat 😀

So, a little bit about where I’ve been. I was in advertising for 12 years (since I was 15) and decided to hop out of the industry to become a fully fledged starving artist and am now pursuing becoming a muralist and teaching art to the only people who think I’m cool — children.

Let’s see…what have I done…
Well, I can say for certain I’ve made a lot of web banners. I’ll try to dig up some of the more interesting things I’ve done, both professionally and personally.

When I was a super fresh college grad in 2012, my first project out of school was to rebrand the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 🙂 This was raaaad

I then joined popchips as a designer for a while, mmm BBQ!

I rockstarred my way as an art director at one of the biggest ad agencies in the world. In fact, my 3rd day on the job, I won a pitch for an ad campaign featured on the back cover of Forbes, super cool! My favorite piece was this fun campaign for The Salt Institute (featured above), where we shot a bunch of content and :15s shorts down in LA. Was real neat!

I then hopped ship to another agency — This was when I was the lead designer for the 2015 VMworld conference at the tender age of 25.

Then I hopped countries — For the better part of a year, I took off and lived in Northern Thailand. It was magical. I created some posters of the temples I visited and unintentionally kinda became a Buddhist.

Shortly after coming back to the good ol’ USofA, I started working with early-stage start-ups almost exclusively toward the end of 2016. One of the perks was getting to create hilarious social media campaigns for a company that produces marijuana breathalyzers

While making my switch to freelance/consulting, I was humbly asked to redesign’s logo and iconography <3

Speaking of which, I did a lot of design work for a lot of non-profits (10+!)

In fact, I took 6 months off of work and volunteered design and brand strategy services full-time

And then I built my own personal brand about philosophy and well-being. Now I’ve pivoted it to a mobile art gallery, so I can post my whacky art in the world with no fear. I go by the name Lady Horchata or Pink Banksy.

In 2017, I moved to Bulgaria to hone my writing skills and discovered a lot about life. I started writing about my time in the ad industry and gained 2,000 organic followers in about 2 months! And then Medium put up a paywall so I don’t write there much anymore 🙁

While spending time in Sofia, I met some interesting characters, like a Bulgarian historian who asked me to design his next book cover, featured above
(I can even read Cyrillic!)

And I took to translating my discoveries in a cartoony aesthetic.
This one is called “The Planet Bus Philosophy” that is basically a super friendly way of telling you that life is like a road trip and your destination is death (duh) so try to enjoy every aspect of the journey, even the boring or bad times! 😀
(It was well-received, I think)

In fact, one of my life dreams is to write adult-themed children’s books. This tiny 20-pager was written as a gift for a fellow traveler (all his friends signed the back page) who has an inclination for massively fucking up innocent things he tries to do. It features him getting his hair cut, going to buy stamps, a meth lab explosion, and the untimely decimation of all bird species in the world.

AHHH, wait! Did I mention I love music!?
I’ve worked with a lot of up-and-coming techno, trance and EDM DJs to help build their brands

I know I am usually pretty silly, but let me be real —- I do have disdain for things. Modern art is one of them.

Nah, I’m kidding. Life is too short to be annoyed. I like to spend the majority of time doing tons of other things, for instance, planning huge events, like this 4-day trip to Austin for Halloween weekend for 20 hooligans.

Or making a lot of rad art (that people ask if they can get tattooed on them)

Or diving into all things futurology as a rapid prototyper and 3D printing teacher
(I got to design Moddler’s booth for shows!)

Or teaching children to craft foam jewelry with a fine appreciation for food (I don’t swear in front of them)

Or living in places like Japan to study product design, minimalism and Buddhism.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m really just a big kid at heart.

Who wants to make awesome shit happen.

More weird shit

I like to consider every person in the world their own living piece of art. Each person is an amalgamation of experiences, decisions, and choices made either subconsciously or consciously from themselves or their environment. Those of which, change every second of the day. It’s kinda fucking incredible.

All I’ve learned so far in my 28 years of existence is:
perfection is boring.

Here’s more of my art. Doodles, sketches, finished, unfinished.
Life, really.