Hey! I’m Jess! šŸ™‚

I like to make stuff and write things.
I do branding, customer experience, design, murals, content creation, storytelling, and way, way more.


Mural #002. 12.2018

I decided to pursue becoming a muralist as my next side project, large scale art just gives me some giggly goodness in my soul.Ā  My 2nd mural ever (my first one was back when I was 16 in my high school work out room) will be in a 70-person co-working/co-living community in SOMA, San Francisco.

Plan on painting the week of 12/10/2018. Pics to come

Life Begins with Death. 10.2018

Sometimes I get existential-ly and write death meditations while playing Mumford and Sons (it’s super therapeutic). I asked my builder friend to help me create a coffin so I could host the meditations out of it. And then I painted it bright pink, becauseĀ I’ll die how I want to. šŸ˜€

The Pidge. 07.2018

Acrylic on Surfboard.
There was a time where I explored the spiritual realm as well as homelessness (and the animals that accompany) and what greed/money does to humanity. During this time I was a summer camp artsĀ & crafts counselor teachingĀ children from ultra-wealthy parents how to glue paper together.

X + Y + Z = Pidge

Bonus pic of bro and doggo

Bonus Bunny. 05.2018

An entrepreneur asked me to do a branding exploration for an e-commerce bonus program.

Collab 02.2018

I partnered with a polar-opposite artist to create collaborations of illustration styles. @RatPrince drew the character, and I translated it into my bubbly aesthetic.

Japan 01.2018

If you go to Japan, you might be interviewed for Japanese TV when you land at the airport.

I went to Japan at the beginning of 2018 to study product design. I spent 2 months in and out of department stores, malls, museums, traditional Japanese houses, internet cafes, underground subgenre Anime bookstores, and more to basically figure out that the Japanese have pretty much created everything already. Heated toilet seats FFS.

State of Happiness 08.2017

The only way I could interpret my perspective on life was to draw it out. Wherever you are in the moment, you still exist in the state of happiness. It’s just a matter of whether or not you realize it.

Bulgaria 07.2017

Fun fact: I took some time off of visual design to hone my writing skills. I was fortunate enough to be able to hunker down in Sofia, Bulgaria for a few months to explore that side of me uninterrupted.

While there, a Bulgarian historian asked me to design the cover of his next biography. He loved the hand lettering I showed him, and although I think it was a bit of a mismatched typographical choice with the image, he was super happy with how it turned out, so I really can’t complain.

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